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Founder and CEO

Name - Gitashri
Achievements :

  • Designed 50 Remarkable websites for new clients in just six months, expanding our portfolio.
  • Boosted annual revenue by an impressive ₹1.5 million through innovative website design, a growth of 25%.
  • Created advanced website prototypes that perfectly matched client visions, resulting in a remarkable ROI increase of 30%.
  • Executed 7+ major website design projects within 12 months, showcasing our expertise and efficiency.
  • Contributed to a significant ₹1 million revenue increase by providing strategic insights that enhanced our web design services by 20%.
  • Achieved a remarkable milestone of 1,500+ error-free website hours in a year, ensuring utmost client satisfaction.
  • Increased client retention by 20% through personalized, visually appealing website designs.
  • Achieved an impressive 95% resolution rate for client requests, resolving client inquiries, highlighting our dedication to rapid and efficient solutions.
  • Reduced manual processes by 40% for clients through the design and execution of tailored website solutions.
  • Achieved an impressive 25% surge in organic website traffic, maximizing online visibility and engagement.
  • Maintained an exceptional 99.9% website uptime, ensuring continuous online presence for our clients.
  • Successfully executed website migrations resulting in improved user experiences and contributing to operational efficiency improvements.
  • Collaborated on AI-driven elements, resulting in a 15% improvement in user interactions and engagement.
  • Reduced troubleshooting time by 20% through the implementation of a knowledge-sharing platform, ensuring seamless functionality.
  • Provided Comprehensive Training in Website Design to 500+ Companies, to become proficient in managing their online platforms.


Name - Mr. Vaibhav Mittal
Professional Summary

With 15 years of technology leadership experience, I am an innovative entrepreneur well-versed in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance, and management. My visionary business development skills are underpinned by a strong educational background in research and analytics. As an effective communicator and motivator, I identify and leverage team assets to achieve organizational goals.

Managing & Technical Director

Name - Mr. Ganesh Gupta

  • Profound understanding of business and management principles, including development, resource allocation, production methods, and leadership.
  • Deep technical proficiency in business analytics, utilizing project management and user interface software, digital business development, lead generation, google ads, landing pages creation.
  • Motivated team player with exceptional public speaking and strong oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Innovative initiator and problem-solver, utilizing creativity, resourcefulness, and assets to overcome organizational obstacles.
  • Lifelong learner committed to staying updated on current and emerging business practices, particularly within an international context.
  • Attentive listener who values and incorporates team members' opinions into policy and planning.
Hobbies and Interests :

Beyond my professional commitments, I actively engage in leadership conferences, Learn New Technologies & AI, and Participate in Industry Webinars. Exploring global coffee varieties, reading, and international travel are among my personal interests.

Founder and CEO

Name - Mrs. Swasthi Mittal

  • Direct all organizational operations, policies, and objectives to maximize productivity and returns.
  • Analyze complex scenarios, using creative problem-solving to turn challenges into profitable opportunities.
  • Manage departmental managers, including recruitment, training, and responsibilities delegation.
  • Monitor cost-effectiveness of operations and personnel, utilizing quantitative data for feedback and necessary cuts.
  • Coordinate and approve budgets for various domains, including management, development, marketing, and expansion.
  • Crafted impactful marketing content and sales scripts with strategic messaging.
  • Led training sessions covering technologies best practices, research and analytics, customer service, branding, and international considerations.


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